Getting Started


Personal Discipleship Profile   | pdf

A personal inventory to assess where we are at spiritually in light of where we want to be

Discipleship Maturity Survey     |   pdf

A survey which assesses where someone is at in each of the four quadrants of spiritual growth

Spiritual Gifts Assessment | doc

An assessment to determine an individual’s spiritual gifts

Personal Check-in | doc

A short questionnaire to guide personal sharing



Discipleship Covenant    | docx

A signed record of the commitment between a disciple and discipler

DiscipleshipU  | pdf

A Discipleship curriculum with three stages, which each list appropriate key competencies and recommended readings for both disciple and discipler, in each of the four quadrants of spiritual growth

Discipleship Wheel | pdf

A chart which outlines the stages in spiritual growth with relation to discipleship

Bible Study Resources | xlsx

A list of online and in-print resources

Bible Study Method | pdf

One method for studying the Word

10 Leadership Styles | .docx

A look at the different types of leadership

The Learning Pyramid 



51 Character Qualities    | pdf

A list of Christ-like character qualities

SHAPE | pdf

Notes from the book S.H.A.P.E.: Finding and Fulfilling Your Unique Purpose for Life

SHAPE = Spiritual Gifts, Heart/ Passion, Abilities, Personality, Experiences

Who I am in Christ | pdf

A list of identity verses

Lies We Believe v. Truth in Christ | pdf

A compilation of common lies we believe, paired with the verses which refute them

Passion Prism | pdf

A chart designed to help you discover your ministry passions

Passion Assessment | doc

This assessment will help you narrow down where you should use your passions in ministry

Giving Verses | pdf

This document, created by Jim Wise of Kingdom Advisors, outlines bible passages which speak to giving of our time, resources, and talents. 


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