Evangelism Equipping

Who is Your One?    |  video

A video which paints a vision for the idea of the impact we can have through one-on-one discipleship.

The Search For Meaning | resources

This six CD set is a series of conversations a believer might have with a skeptic friend. It addresses common intellectual questions that keep us from knowing God in a personal way.

The Search For Answers |  resources

A shorter, one-hour version of The Search for Meaning.

Evidence Unseen | website | book

Evidence Unseen shows us that Christian faith is not a blind leap in the dark, but a humble dependence on the God of the Bible, who has revealed himself through substantial evidence. The author presents this evidence quite readably under four headings: internal evidence, external evidence, and evidence from Scripture, divided into fulfilled prophecy and the historical reliability of its message. He shows us that humans need God in order to be able to function consistently in this world; that nature universally and locally points to its creator and designer; that this designer has also controlled history to fulfill the predictions of the biblical prophets; and that the biblical narratives (here, the narratives about Jesus) show themselves to be fully trustworthy. The website evidenceunseen.com aims to “expose the myth of blind faith” by offering a wealth of apologetics articles, book reviews, and bible study guides.

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